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Improving the Test Infrastructure and Introducing Continuous Integration

The Internship

As part of quality assurance the development branch of the CGAL library is tested every night on 20 different platforms, using shell scripts that have been developed over the last 15 years.

Mentored by a senior developer, you participate in the development of a new test infrastructure for CGAL. You will introduce containers, in order to test CGAL on a variety of Linux distributions and versions of the g++ compiler. The second half of the internship you will work on introducing Continuous Integration for CGAL using tools like BuildBot, Travis CI, or CDash.

The Candidate

Degree: BSc
Required competences: Linux and shell porgramming (sh/bash scripts)
Type of intershi : Stage d’une durée de six mois, ou contrat d’alternance
Helpful competences: Mastering English so that you can read manuals, and have a technical discussion with other developers in the CGAL project.  Base knowledge of CMake and  C++.