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Arrangements for Electronic Design Automation

  • Client: Agilent
  • Date Completed: October 2008

The tri/quad mesh of a small RF board generated with Agilent’s Technologies Advanced Design System uses CGAL Arrangements as backend representation.


Fracture Mesh Generation

  • Client: Prototype
  • Date Completed: December 2011

Fracture Mesh generation is about creating 2D quality meshes on polygons embedded in 3-space such that triangles conform on polygon intersections.


As Rigid As Possible Mesh Deformation

  • Client: Prototype
  • Date Completed: December 2011

As Rigid as Possible Mesh Deformation allows to deform a region of interest on a surface mesh by displacing a set of handles. This project started as a Google Summer of Code 2011 project of…

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