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GeometryFactory offers maintenance and support contracts, software development, consulting and training.

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and Support contracts allow to upgrade to the latest release of the CGAL components for which you hold a commercial license. It offers you a privileged communication channel to get answers your technical questions, as well as bug-fixes for your CGAL components.

The costs of a maintenance and support contract for one year are twenty percent of the component prices.


You can externalize the development of geometric algorithms and data structures which are not yet in the CGAL library. We develop either exclusively for you, or exclusively for you for a fixed period of time, or non-exclusively in which case we integrate it in the CGAL library.

Customer projects are hosted at codebase, where we offer git, mercurial or subversion for version management.


In consulting projects we first work towards understanding the business problem you have to solve. We then bring in our expertise to advise you which CGAL components you might use or which geometric algorithm we might develop for you.

Working with our global network of academic partners, GeometryFactory provides best practices and top-level expertise in geometric computing, even beyond existing solutions which are part of CGAL.


On site training courses help you to become productively quickly with CGAL, and optimize operations by transforming the way your developers use CGAL.

  • Getting started with CGAL
  • Generic programming
  • Exact computation for efficiency and robustness
  • How to use a specific packages

Our experience shows that three days of training, plus a day of consulting on how to use CGAL in the customer project are a good starting point.