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The CGAL Project

Together with our research partners we are involved in the CGAL project. The mission of the project is to make the most important of the solutions and methods developed in computational geometry available to users in industry and academia. The CGAL project started in 1996 and has been originally funded by European Union’s information technologies programme Esprit.

The project is managed by the CGAL Editorial Board composed of senior developers from the different contributing sites. Similar to the editors of a journal it steers the project, reviews submissions, and represents the projects at conferences, exhibitions, and events such as the Google Summer of Code.

GeometryFactory is an active developer of packages, performs evolutive maintenance, runs daily testsuites for all packages on many platforms, and is represented in the Editorial Board with three Editors, one of them being the Release Manager of the CGAL project.

As the different contributors keep the copyright of their developed packages, GeometryFactory has commercialization agreements with its research partners.

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Utrecht University
University of Groningen
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