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Customers and Markets

GeometryFactory offers geometric software components. This makes that all our customers develop software, either in R&D, or for the development of in-house tools and commercial products. They range from start-ups, over SMEs, to industrial groups, and they have in common that they want to focus on the application layer and leverage on existing software.

As geometry is ubiquitous, we are not focused on a particular application area. Our more than 200 customers worldwide work in quite different domains such as

Geomodeling:Total (FR), Schlumberger (USA),  Midland Valley (UK), Landmark (USA), Roxar (NO),  Petrobras (BR), Saudi Aramco (SA), Brgm (FR), ExxonMobil (USA)

GIS: Erdas (USA), Navteq (USA), ign (FR), Metria (ES), Safe Software (USA), TruePositon (USA), IVU Traffic Technologies (DE)

CAD: Autodesk (USA), Agilent (USA), Orbotech (IL), Pulsic (UK)

Image Processing: St Jude Medical (USA), Siemens (USA), Noesis (FR), ZIB (DE)

Academia: Brown University (USA), Max-Planck Institute of Metal Reseach (DE), Australian National University (AU), École nationale des ponts et chaussées (FR)

Others: Boeing (USA), The Mathworks (USA), Dr D Studio (NZ), Orange France Telecom (FR)