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  • mesh_940px

    Tetrahedral Mesh Generation for Therapy Planning

    • Client: Zuse-Institut Berlin
    • Date Completed: December 2012

    Based on the CGAL 3D Meshing Generation package an extension has been developed that allows to automatically create tetrahedral grids suitable for finite element analysis. This work is part of the European project MXL, ICT-2009.5.2.

  • LiDAR_Classification_for_CGAL

    Constrained Delaunay Triangulations for Photogrammetry

    • Date Completed: March 2012

    Intergraph’s LPS, a complete suite of photogrammetric production tools, uses the CGAL 2D Delaunay triangulation to perform terrain segmentation, building footprint delineation, and terrain classification on LiDAR point clouds.

  • beispiel_filialen_neu_karte

    Alpha Shapes for Computing Catchment Areas

    • Client: IVU Traffic Technologies
    • Date Completed: February 2012

    Based on weighted graphs representing transport connections, and the CGAL 2D Alpha Shapes the geographical information system IVU.locate* allows to compute catchment areas and hence to identify the optimum location for stores and its customers.

  • StraightSkeleton

    Straight Skeleton for Modeling Roofs

    • Client: Esri
    • Date Completed: December 2010

    The CGAL 2D Straight Skeleton is used for modeling roofs in the Esri CityEngine, a software product for the efficient creation of 3D cities and buildings. Straight skeletons are further used for computing offset polygons…

  • acute3d

    Surface Meshes from Aerial Images

    • Client: Acute3D
    • Date Completed: June 2011

    Acute3D develops software that allows to build real-3D, high resolution models from simple photographs. They use the CGAL 3D Delaunay triangulation and the AABB Tree, a data structure that allows to perform efficient intersection and…

  • agilent

    Arrangements for Electronic Design Automation

    • Client: Agilent
    • Date Completed: October 2008

    The tri/quad mesh of a small RF board generated with Agilent’s Technologies Advanced Design System uses CGAL Arrangements as backend representation.

  • frac

    Fracture Mesh Generation

    • Client: Prototype
    • Date Completed: December 2011

    Fracture Mesh generation is about creating 2D quality meshes on polygons embedded in 3-space such that triangles conform on polygon intersections.

  • deformation

    As Rigid As Possible Mesh Deformation

    • Client: Prototype
    • Date Completed: December 2011

    As Rigid as Possible Mesh Deformation allows to deform a region of interest on a surface mesh by displacing a set of handles. This project started as a Google Summer of Code 2011 project of…