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Point Cloud Classification

  • Date Completed: January 2017

CGAL Classification Package Given a point cloud and a user-defined set of classes (e.g. vegetation, ground, roofs, etc.), the algorithm classifies the points by computing a set of geometric attributes and minimizing a globally regularized…

Simplified 3D Surface Meshes from Terrestrial Laser Scans

  • Client: Powel AS, Norway
  • Date Completed: April 2016

3D surface reconstruction of laser scanned terrestrial objects like rock formations and tunnels.  Excess points are skipped by entering a parameter of resulting accuracy requirement, given by max distance from resulting surface to points in…

Mean Curvature Flow Skeletonization

  • Date Completed: December 2013 (available in CGAL 4.7)

Given a closed triangulated surface mesh, the algorithm iteratively contracts the surface mesh along the surface mean curvature flow until convergence. A 1D skeleton is then extracted from the contracted surface. The skeleton encodes the…

Shortest Path on Triangulated Surface Mesh

  • Date Completed: December 2014 (available in CGAL 4.7)

Given a triangulated surface mesh as input and a set of source points on the mesh, the algorithm computes a data structure that can efficiently answer shortest path queries from any point on the mesh…

Reconstruction From Parallel Slices

  • Date Completed: December 2013

Given a set of polygons in parallel contour this algorithm creates a manifold surface mesh.

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