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CGAL 3.9 released

Posted by Andreas Fabri

09 Nov 2011 — No Comments

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The CGAL Open Source Project is pleased to announce the Release 3.9 of CGAL, the Computational Geometry Algorithms Library.

Besides fixes to existing packages major features where added in the following packages.

Combinatorial Maps (new package)

This package provides a new combinatorial data structure allowing to describe any orientable subdivided object whatever its dimension.

3D Convex Hull

The quickhull implementation of CGAL (CGAL::convex_hull_3) has been worked out to provide much better performances

2D Arrangements

A new geometry-traits class that handles rational arcs has been introduced. It replaced an old traits class, which handled the same family of curves, but it was less efficient.

See here for a complete list of changes.

Laurent Rineau, PhD
Engineer at GeometryFactory
Release Manager of the CGAL Project

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